Support Agreement In Italiano

„I am pleased to sign this new agreement which confirms the EIF`s commitment to supporting the Italian private equity and private equity markets,“ said Pier Luigi Gilibert, Chairman of the EIF Board of Directors. The cooperation with Fondo Italiano d`Investimento allows us to further increase the financial resources of the Italian SMEs that support them throughout their life cycle and expansion and to help them become international players. 3.1 In accordance with the terms of our agreement with the Reseller (the „Reseller Agreement“), we are entitled to suspend or terminate your subscription to the Service, your rights to access and use the Service or your account and to withdraw and cancel all Service Data if: (a) we are informed by the Reseller that you have not paid the amounts due to the Reseller in respect of your subscription to a Service; or (b) the reseller does not pay the amounts due to us under the reseller agreement regarding your subscription to a service. You agree to these suspension and termination rights and acknowledge and agree that Zendesk assumes no liability to you with respect to any such suspension or termination. Their sole recourse to such suspension or termination is directed against the reseller. This support is only available for those who need additional help. This may include retirees, people with disabilities, people living in remote areas or with mobility difficulties. The aim of the new agreement is to further extend and strengthen cooperation between the two institutions and to reaffirm and extend the volume and nature of investments made in Italian SMEs so that they can grow and develop. This agreement complements the IFI`s two new „funds of funds“ recently launched, one focused on private debt (with a target of €500 million). the other on venture capital (target of €150 million, the first closing of which has already taken place at €50 million and should reach €100 million in the first quarter of 2015).

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