Trade Agreements Of Russia

(d) „organization,“ with respect to the United States, a U.S. company and, in the case of the Soviet Union, any economic entity or business (including a company) engaged in foreign minister or other business activities with foreigners or businesses. 1. The nationals, companies and organizations of one of the contracting parties are sanitized by access to all jurisdictions and administrative bodies in the territory of the other contracting party, as complainants, defendants or other means. They may not invoke or enjoy any immunity from appeal or enforcement of judgments, procedures for the recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards or any other liability on the territory of the other party with respect to commercial transactions; nor can they invoke or benefit from tax exemptions for commercial transactions, unless this is provided for in other bilateral agreements. 4. Each contracting party may denounce this agreement after written notification to the other party and, in this case, the parties will endeavour, as far as possible, to minimize any disruption to their trade relations. 1. The parties reaffirm their willingness to expand trade in goods and services in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. They take appropriate measures to promote and facilitate trade in goods and services and to ensure favourable conditions for the long-term development of trade relations between Soviet organizations and U.S.

nationals and businesses. (a) to provide the public, the travelling industry and the media with information on tourist facilities and tourist sites in their respective countries; In 2008, the EU and Russia began negotiations for a new agreement to establish a comprehensive framework for bilateral trade and investment relations. In March 2014, the European Council suspended negotiations due to the situation in Ukraine. 2. The export of freely convertible currencies outside its territory, including deposits or instruments representative of these currencies, is not permitted by any contracting party with respect to the trade in the products and services of nationals, businesses and organisations of the other party.