Tfp Vertrag dsgvo

Hallo, willkommen auf meiner Sedcard ! ACHTUNG !!!! / ATTENTION !!!! bitte die verschiedenen „“ links NICHT mehr verwenden …. statt dessen „“ !!!!! !!! näheres dazu gerne per PN, messenger od. WhatsApp … please DO NOT use all mentioned „“ links !!! instead „“ !!! for Questions related to this theme feel free to use PN, messenger, WhatsApp or E-Mail. Should any mentioned „“ / „“ links do not work fine, feel free to use „support ticket“ or send screenshot by mail. Do not want to force a lot of pn`s / Pm`s here thatfore. Thanks for understanding !!! Da ich nicht so oft online bin, kann man mich auch per Messenger, E-Mail & WhatsApp kontaktieren/anschreiben. Näheres dazu gerne per PN oder hier die Kontaktmöglichkeiten suchen … ************************************************************************ >>>>> CAUSE CORONA CRISES ….. <<<< 1) Feel free to have a look whenever public f1 races are allowed again ? => Actual „spielberg“ is planned in closed mode !!! => This relatd to ALL workinglevels !!! => Feel free to ask for or clarify Details for time AFTER CORONA or 1) .. => Should there be any Questions don`t hesitate to get in contact. There is NO Need t be shy. It`s up to you !! ************************************************************************ Third Persons: => third persons are interested in having a look at shoot … Shouldn`t model be interested in third persons having a look at or minding a shoot being any Kind of attraction …..

=> Feel free to give me an info, you are NOT interested in Shooting with me … => Thks a lot … DSGVO-conform PAY-contract release 1.0 => This contact release will NOT be used for any pay shoots !! Should you like to get informed which changes are in Need to be done, feel free to get in touch. => Should you love to get one, feel free to drop me a PN, DM, Mail or WhatsApp asking for … DSGVO-konformer PAY-Vertrag Version 1.0: Diese Version kommt bei keinem PAY shoot zur Anwendung !! Sollte das werte Model nun wissen wollen, welche Änderungen notwendig sind, kann es dies gerne per PN erfragen. => Wer mit Vertrag shooten will, kann mir gerne ne PN, DM, Mal od. WhatsApp da lassen und darum ersuchen … Castings in english: Cause a lot of models send me their offers in english castings may be done in english or german. Should a casting you are intersted in or do not understand, cause written in german, feel free to contact me „Please Casting: „Titel of Casting“ in english .. “ Comments / Bildkommentare / PNs: => There is no Need to stay cute. Whatever you love to say, just „SAY IT ..“ => Whatever you love to say ending a PN, feel free to DO IT … => Es ist kein MUSS in Kommentaren & PNs brav zu schreiben. Was immer du schreiben magst, „SCHREIB ES !!!“ => Wie immer du eine PN beenden möchtest, „TU ES !!“ Viewers/Watchers/Zaungäste: => Viewers/Watchers are very welcome !!! Feel free to get informed when shoot will start and have a look at model`s Shooting Performance … => Zaungäste sind sehr willkommen.