Display Agreement In Vistex Tcode

Hello I would like to know more about vistex technical developments. Improved responsibility return and purchase. Please help me Hi There, What are the backup tables of the protocol modification agreement at Vistex. I am trying to draw data for 01/01/2017 all the changes made to the existing agreements. ABAP USMM STA SEARCH_SAP_MENU press F8 to see all the hotpacks applied. New txn for execution analysis Shows the menu track to use to run a specific tcode. You can search for the transactional code or the text of the menu. ABAP/4 INFORMATION SYSTEM: Tables. You`re reviewing your application. Please expect an answer.

. D. Functional elements for the standard vistex table update SE73 SE74 SE74 SE74 SE77 SE77 SE70 SE81 SE82 SE83 SE84 SE86 SE86 SE86 SE88 SE88 SE88 SE81 SE92 SE92 SE92 SEARCH_SAP_MENU – We should create an implicit extension to improve the standard Vistex program. Any custom Z program created by the Vistex team, we can edit it directly by editing it. MM IH09 – Display Material MM01 – Changing MM02 hardware – Changing MM03 hardware – MM50 Display Materials – MMBE Extendable Materials List – Inventory MMI1 – MMN1 Hardware Creation – Creating an MMU1 Service – Creating Unvalued ME51N Equipment – Creating an MRI/GVPFM Command Request is for Vistex Modules to Maintain Requirements and Formulas, You have written an incorrect transaction You must write /IRM/ GVOFM For chargeback /MRI/IPCBM: Individual creation /MRI/IPCB34: Chargeback Vote /IRM/IPCB21: Mass Processing of Settlement Documents/MRI/IPCB22 : mass processing of sales/claims documents /MRI/IPCB2 3: Mass processing of data reservations /MRI/IPCB28: mass processing of delivery documents /IRM/IPPCM: Partner Communication Workbench for CLM : /IRM/IPPRM: Workbench/MRI/IPPRASP Purchase Discounts: Workbench Accord/MRI/IPPRCIP: Individual Follow-up /IRM/IPPRCCP: Group Follow-up Thanks jithin. The page was written by Soumi and not by Soumya. 🙂 .. She`s an expert at Vistex Technical. For the data transmission routine, we can open it via SE38 and the name of the program should be /IRM/ SE16 SE16N SE17 SE24 SE32 SE36 SE37 SE38 SE33 9 SE4 41 SE43 SE48 SE48 SE49 SE51 SE54 SE61 SE62 SE65 SE66 SE68 SE71 SE71 SE71 SE71 SE72 Do you have anything to add? Don`t hesitate to email us at mailsapyard@gmail.com or leave it in our comments section. We would be happy to update/include our contribution. Data browser: initial screen.

The table browser (the N is synonymous with novelty, it replaces SE16). General Table Display Class Builder ABAP/4 Execution Analysis ABAP/4 Text element Maintenance ABAP/4 Dialog Dialogue Box Modules ABAP/4 Logical Databases ABAP/4 Function Modules ABAP Publisher Splitscreen: Program Compare Menu Painter Maintain Menu Program show hierarchy. Very useful to see the overall structure of a program. Manipulation of paintings. View tables behind a transactional code. Screen Painter: Start screen. Generate view Maintenance Module R/3 Documentation Utilities Industry Translation Terminology R/3 document. Statistics in brief R/3 Documentary statistics (test!) Translation Administrator SAPscript Layout Set SAPScript Creation/Modification By SAPscript Styles SAPscript Font Maintenance (revised) Format SAPscript Configuration sapscript Settings SAPscript Layouts Translation Sets SAPscript Translation Styles ABAP/4 Development Workbench Application SAP Application Hiarchy Customer Application Hierarchy Reuse Library. ABAP/4 Repository Information System ABAP/4 Dictionary Information System Data Modeler Information System Data Modeler Information System Development System Development System Maintain System log messages Maintain Transaction From the SAP Easy Access screen, type it in the command field and you will be in able to search the standard SAP menu for transaction codes/ keywords.