Cancer Drugs Fund Managed Access Agreement

Uncertainty about overall survival is inevitable if studies are short compared to long-term survival. Ongoing initiatives regarding prior access (e.g. B.dem Accelerated Access Review and the Early Access to Medicines Scheme in the UNITED Kingdom) are likely to increase the challenges of managing uncertainty due to the increase in dependence on surrogacy outcomes [49]. Although surrogate terminations have the advantage of producing faster results, systematic synthesis work indicates that the correlation between surrogates and bone in cancer is generally low [50, 51], although it is stronger in some specific examples (e.g. .B. PFS in the case of advanced colon cancer [50]). Therefore, validation of the relationship is essential and this validation is specific to the type of tumor, treatment and treatment [52]. However, it is important that in terms of cost-effectiveness, the result of the SPF can have value in itself by possibly adding MFIs, lengthening the time spent in a high quality of life health condition, and this time can be highly appreciated by patients [53]. AS has received consulting fees or honoraria from Roche, Gilead, Abbvie, Janssen and Novartis.

MRM has received consulting fees from pharmaceutical companies using CDF-funded drugs, including Roche, Merck, Novartis, BMS and GSK, and has conducted clinical studies for which its institution is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. SR received honorariums from Takeda for leadership training. RWB is the non-executive director of Celgene Corporation. LM and SW declare that they have no conflict of interest. The goal is to continue to give doctors rapid access to new treatments for their patients.