Brim Mastercard Cardmember Agreement

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Brim`s Family Card allows you to set monthly spending limits for additional cardholders on your account. Perfect for tracking purchases and promoting smart spending. Mastercard International Incorporated („Mastercard“ or „We“) makes available to you (the „Mastercard Site“) for your personal information, education and entertainment purposes. Feel free to browse, download and use the De Mastercard website. By accessing and using the Mastercard Site, you accept and agree to the following terms of use (Terms of Use) without restriction or restriction. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, please do not use the Mastercard Site. Once you have activated your Brim card, we will receive an email that will confirm your activation. This email contains a link to that will take you to the Boingo site to set up your account. When operating the Site, Mastercard may act as a „service provider“ (as defined by DMCA) and offer services as online providers of materials and links to third-party websites.

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