Agreement For Exclusive Marketing Rights

A deeper commitment means that both parties can work together to be a team team that encourages marketing and distribution, while reducing costs and focusing on success. An exclusive marketing agreement is concluded between a company and a distributor. The agreement grants the distributor a portion of the profits from the company`s sales in exchange for the promotion and sale of the products. It is an exclusive agreement that gives a single distributor the power to sell the company`s products. An agreement should contain a list of keywords used in the document and their definitions. For example, the company that manufactures the products is considered a manufacturer and the distributor who agrees to sell those products is the wholesaler. one. Subject to the terms of this exclusive distribution agreement, the supplier designates the distributor and the distributor accepts such a designation and undertakes to act as the exclusive distributor of supplier products (defined below) in the following geographical area (the „territory“): it is also possible for a seller to revoke an exclusivity agreement based on the other partner`s non-compliance with the performance objectives set. In this case, this special clause is advantageous because it serves as a deterrent to a partner who does not fulfill his part of the agreement, resulting in the loss of the agreement. An agreement on exclusive marketing rights is essentially a contract between a company and a distributor that allows the promotion and sale of the company`s product in exchange for a portion of the sale profit.

In an exclusive marketing agreement, you grant the right to sell your products to a company that helps strengthen your brand while keeping the competition in check. There are many necessary components that should be included in your marketing law agreement to ensure the protection of the interests of both parties. The supplier undertakes to make such descriptive literature, promotional materials, technical manuals and promotional materials on the supplier`s products available to the distributor (by e-mail in pdf format), as the supplier may be available from time to time for such uses. The trader has the right to translate these materials into the languages of the territory at his own expense. The supplier reserves ownership of all property rights, including the intellectual property rights of the translated versions of the documents. The distributor is solely responsible for the accuracy of the translations and provides the supplier with a copy of each translated work. The distributor will review the materials immediately (at the distributor`s expense) after notification from the supplier. The supplier may provide the distributor with certain confidential or protected information („confidential information“).

Confidential information includes information, whether written, electronic or oral, that the distributor knows is a proprietary, confidential or commercial trade secret of the supplier, including all technical or commercial information, software, including its source code and documentation, specifications and design information for suppliers, maintenance information, customer lists , price information, marketing information, policies, procedures and manuals through distributors or distribution channels. , research and development and other proprietary substances related to supplier products or supplier activities.